The Croatian Association of Societies of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities was founded in Zagreb in 1957 and has been active since then as an umbrella non-governmental and non-profit network of member associations. The Association includes 32 member associations from all over the Republic of Croatia with more than 5,000 members in whose favor it operates.

Member associations carry out various activities that meet the needs of people with intellectual disabilities and their families and provide support and services in the field of social care: organizing half-day stays, mobile professional support service, early intervention, independent housing, leisure, and other activities.

Since its beginnings, the Association has been active on the international scene as a member of Inclusion Europe (since 2006).

The activities of the Association are numerous and diverse, such as representing the interests of parents/guardians, children, young people, and adults with intellectual disabilities. It also implements program and project activities such as education, international cooperation, and consulting. Educational activities are intended for parents, employees of associations, and people with intellectual disabilities to improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities and their families, as well as strengthen and improve the work of associations.

Together with the network of associations, the Association improves systematic support, sensitizes local communities to the issue of inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in society, influences changes and the adoption of legal acts, and monitors their implementation. As a strong and recognizable civil society organization, it achieves cooperation and partnerships with all structures involved in working with people with disabilities.