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Your life is full of worries, tenderness, love and sleepless nights and problems that parenthood brings. If you have a child with intellectual disabilities, Your problem is a little different.
If you are unsure, uninformed, undecided, and looking for the best way to support your child, difficult to cope with the acceptance of the reality of the situation of their child, please contact us in writing, phone or in person.

    In the Croatian federation of associations of persons with intellectual disabilities are two counseling;

  • Advice on the Rights of People with Intellectual Disabilities; experts in counseling you will be familiar with your rights and the rights of your children, and ways of their realization.
  • Psychological Counselling; training for NGOs and support for parents in coping with problems of daily living.

You are not alone! Come to the Alliance!
Here you are at home.

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Psychological Counselling

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Catalog of children with developmental difficulties and psychological support for parents,hr

Days 4.11.2016. uspješno je završen projekt financiran od Ministarstva za demografiju, obitelj, mlade i socijalnu politiku, pod nazivom „Osnaživanje i edukacija roditelja u prvim fazama …

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